Meet The Wattpad Stars: Rachel Meinke

Today’s featured Wattpad Star is Rachel Meinke. In 2011, Rachel joined Wattpad on the hunt for free stories. After about a month, she gained the courage to post some stories of her own.

Rachel believes that social media has taken writing to a new level by allowing anyone to share their work instantly. Her active imagination and knack for audience engagement have led to 28 stories accumulating almost a 250 million reads and 5 million votes on Wattpad!

She offers up this advice to people who want to build their audience on Wattpad: “Tag your stories appropriately, make sure you take full advantage of that feature. [Also] be active in the clubs, interact with other readers and writers to put yourself out there. Don’t spam people to read your story. Instead, make friends and be genuine. That’s what’s going to get you somewhere.”

That genuine connection between storyteller and audience is often the factor that sets Wattpad Stars apart. “Remember why you write in the first place. Don’t do it for the fame and the attention. Do it because it’s your passion, because it’s what you love to do.”

Today, Rachel is commissioned by major international brands like Mondelez and Lenovo to write Brand Stories. With Mondelez, Rachel created stories to promote the Sour Patch Kids’ playful identity on Valentine’s Day and Halloween.

“Getting asked to work on these projects really means a lot to me as a writer because it means that these companies trust me to represent their brand,” says Rachel about her work with brands on Wattpad. “They’ve all been such pleasant experiences!”

Though all these experiences on Wattpad have been life changing, Rachel’s love for reading remains strong as ever. She still makes the time to check out new stories and is currently reading Paper Cuts and Bad Boy Bakers on Wattpad.

Stay tuned for more installments of Meet The Wattpad Stars!

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